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Leiden University has already discovered this

The Hague is increasingly becoming a university city. Inholland University of Applied Sciences already has thousands of students, and Leiden University has now discovered this city as well. Students make the city more fun, more lively, more creative. Leiden University’s The Hague Campus is growing fast, and is in need of a location that is attractive to students. Public transport must be within walking distance. Cafes and restaurants must be nearby as well, as well as shops where you can easily shop for your groceries. This is why the Wijnhavenkwartier stood out.


Fresh blood, young people, full of atmosphere This Campus alone will make the Wijnhavenkwartier a lively place. Students and employees of the Campus will come and go, and give the area a whole new dimension. The influx of students has made The Hague a much more youthful and open city than it was in recent years. From the Wijnhavenkwartier, they can walk to The Hague Central Station, or to the outdoor cafes at the Plein. They shop locally, and keep the city centre alive. The Campus is an asset to the city in every way.


Wijnhavenkwartier, university hotspot The Hague Campus is going to rent approximately 13,000 m² of space at Wijnhavenkwartier. The location will be used for education and research. The faculty will host approximately 3,500 bachelor and master students every year. In addition, approximately 2,300 professionals will attend courses here every year. Those courses will be provided by hundreds of scientists. The Campus will focus on subjects such as international law, public administration, diplomacy and economy. This suits The Hague as an International City of Peace and Law.